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Introducing Barb

We are excited to introduce you to Barb. Barb first came to us to discuss options to help rejuvenate herself.

She wanted to look on the outside how she was feeling on the inside.

She had recently gone through some big changes in her life personally and felt like it was time to do something for herself.

We felt that after meeting Barb she was the perfect fit for our Beautiful You Campaign. We are excited to have you join along on Barb's journey to rediscovering the confidence that she is looking for.

"I don't think this experience has changed me but rather reintroduced me to some of the feelings and confidence that I lost along the way. Women need a reminder that we need to take time for ourselves. Making yourself the priority so we are the best that we can be. We can then bring that energy to every thing we do. "

Barb - Age 64

Ensure you enter FULL SCREEN mode on the video above (lower right hand corner) to see her astonishing results!

Barb's before and after video is ENTIRELY topical-makeup free.

Have you ever wondered just how far you can go without surgery?

The collaboration between Bella Sante MD Cosmetic and Laser Clinic and

Revive Clinic Cosmetic Tattooing will show you just that.

With Dr. Donna Jubin's medical direction, state of the art equipment, medical grade skincare and Genevieve Barlas' exceptional skillset, artistic ability and experience it is actually incredible.

Join us and watch REAL people share their experiences with REAL results, unfiltered, no photoshop, just a fresh, renewed appearance.

Just how much can be achieved in 7 short months?

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