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Dear Diary,

Well it’s been a month since my micro-laser peel and my skin looks great, but I’m still healing. Most of the really severe redness and scabbing was gone after about a week, however several small areas (where I had darker blemishes) continued to be scabby and scaly for much longer. And I still have a small sore by my left ear that hasn’t quite healed and some residual scaling under my right ear and along my jaw line. Even though I had been warned, I don’t think I was fully prepared for the invasiveness of this procedure and how long the healing process would be. That being said, I can really notice a difference. Most of the brown sun-damaged areas are gone and my skin feels smoother and tighter.

This is definitely a procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Although the down-time varies from person to person, it still takes several weeks for all the scabby areas to heal. Once again I was grateful for my COVID mask when I went back to work, as it covered up some of the worst areas. My concealer stick covered up the rest. Was it worth it? I think if you had asked me in the days immediately following my treatment, I might have said no. Applying vinegar soaks and greasy ointment to my tender, swollen face wasn’t much fun and I had a few really uncomfortable days. But now, several weeks down the road, I’m really pleased with the results – good bye sun spots! No pain, no gain, right?

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