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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

When I was young i did not have an older sister. My mother did not wear makeup so i really had no clue about how to apply anything.

We did not have DIY videos on YouTube, or magazines about fashion (in my house).

My father did not allow gum chewing or nail polish.

When I was older I had one girlfriend who was a natural beauty. She had big beautiful doe eyes and a nice mouth. There was not much effort for her in applying eye makeup or lipstick. She was no help either. So I just winged it.

There was a time where thin eyebrows were the rage. We didn’t have brow studios. I did my own. I over plucked and the hairs did not grow back. As a result, mine were too short along the midline of my face.

Gen was able to fill in the gap and give me a shape.

I receive many many comments about how fabulous my eyebrows look.


Revive Clinic Cosmetic Tattooing description:

Eyebrows frame and enhance the entire face. A properly shaped brow has a

dramatic anti-aging effect.

You can expect the enhancement to last anywhere from 1-5 years before another service is desired, or they can simply be left to fade.

The longevity is dependant on many factors such as skincare ingredients, sun exposure, medications, skin texture and the amount of oil your skin produces.

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