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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Gen is amazing.

i had visited her website and knew instantly this was some thing I must do. I needed to do.

All of my life I had been unsuccessful at applying lipstick. It was either asymmetrical, The wrong colour and disappeared from eating or just worn off. I didn’t reapply because either i had no access to a mirror, didn’t carry one and always messed up anyway.

My lips had faded and the lack of colour just accentuated my dull face. I needed this tattooing.

I booked an appointment. The waiting was worse than waiting for Christmas.

Finally the day came. I was so excited.

Gen takes the most precautions in preparing the room and in ensuring my comfort.

i chose a colour I thought was pretty but knew that if Gen thought another would be better i would follow her recommendation. She agreed with my choice.

My lips were numbed. Even if they weren’t I don’t think I would have complained. I felt so lucky to have her as my artist.

The result, BEAUTIFUL!!

I couldn’t be happier.


Revive Clinic Cosmetic Tattooing description:

Adding fullness and definition without compromising a natural look

gives a more youthful smile and even

boosts your skins natural collagen production to relax creases.

Just gloss and go!

Never have that "washed out" look again.

Wake up as fresh and beautiful as when you went to bed.

And perhaps best of all...your lips remain kissable at all times.

Subtle corrections can be made to thin, uneven or asymmetrical lips. Creases around the mouth are instantly camouflaged and lipstick bleed is virtually eliminated.

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