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Aug 17, 2021

Dear Diary,

I’ve been on two more visits since my last entry so time to catch up. My Botox was rescheduled so on August 11th I went to Stonebridge for a consultation with Colleen on Cool Sculptinginstead, which is pretty cool! Together we discussed my “problem areas” (belly and back “love handles” mainly). Colleen described how the machine works, what it would feel like, how long it would take, etc. It’s hard to believe the effects will be permanent, but I guess time will tell!

I also went to City Park for Ultherapy with Rowena on Aug 14th. First we did a photo-shoot of my face from various angles, then I cleansed my face really well and laid back on another comfy table with another cozy blanket. Rowena covered my face with a topical numbing agent, then brought me my comfort meds, which included an Atavan, Advil, Benadryl, and one other I can’t remember (I must be getting old!). After taking the meds, Rowena brought me a lovely cup of tea and I was left alone for about 30 min to chill out let the meds start to work. I was feeling pretty mellow when she returned! It’s hard to describe the feeling of Ultherapy. In some areas I didn’t really feel anything, but in others it was like a spark shooting into my face. It wasn’t really painful, but was a bit uncomfortable. I’m sure the comfort meds helped take the edge off. The whole process took about 3 hours, and after my ride dropped me off at home I cuddled up with my dog and had a good, long nap. The following day, as expected, my face felt a bit tender and slightly bruised, and I experienced a mild headachy feeling. Drinking lots of fluids and not doing anything too strenuous definitely helped.

This afternoon I have an appointment at Stonebridge for Fotonaand PRP Hair Restoration treatments. More things to experience!

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