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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

When I spoke to Dr. Jubin about the texture of my skin and how over the years it has gotten bumpy feeling and also scaring from acne that I got Michelle applied the numbing cream and eye shields were put on. This was another treatment that I tolerated well. any sharp pinches were gone before I could register them in my head. This was the first of my love of vinegar soaks and Aquaphor. i can’t stress enough, the importance of adhering to the instructions given to me. Do not be afraid of taking drugs. They will be your friend.

My situation and Covid were also very fortuitous. I did not have children to attend to, work outside the home. Just me. I could hang out and hide from questions or eyes wondering what the heck...

The true test were the nights post treatment when trying to sleep. Flipping onto my face would waken me often for more Aquaphor or even vinegar soaks. I used Benadryl often although it didn’t give me total relief from the heat tightness and inflammation.

“This too will pass.”

Day 2 shows the healing process, within 5 days my skin looked fantastic.

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