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Intra oral tightening & PRP

Updated: Jan 4, 2021


This treatment would complement the other treatments by smoothing and tightening my skin and improving skin tone and volume.

My plasma was smoothed into my face neck and décolletage following a grid like pattern.

I looked pretty bloody and there was seepage. Scary looking. This again caused some downtime but wasn’t an issue. I recovered fully after about 4 days.

Intra Oral Tightening

Heat inside my mouth, no discomfort for the most part but there was some over bony areas closer to the jaw. The technician had wanted to give some added focus to my nasolabial folds. This was hotter and perhaps a wee bit uncomfortable but tolerable.

My nasolabial folds, gross. They really made me look tired and haggard, and angry. My son often asked me “what’s wrong with you today?” Implying I was bitchy or mad.I replied “ nothing, its just my face.” I was at the point where I would use gorilla tape to hold them back but of course I didn’t . How much different I would look without them.

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