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Disappearing double chin!

Sept 28th, 2021

Dear Diary,

I returned for my Intraoral and DCA treatments. Shelly performed the Intraoral this time, and it went fine, I really couldn’t feel much of anything. Then I saw Nurse Lori again, this time for DCA (deoxycholic acid) treatment. DCA is naturally produced in our bodies to help dissolve fat. When it’s injected into the loose skin under the chin, it dissolves the fat and tightens up the area, helping to minimize a double chin and “turkey neck”. Apparently it takes a few weeks to see the effects, and some people need 2 or 3 treatments for best results. After cleansing the area under my chin, Nurse Lori injected a bit of local anesthetic to minimize the discomfort. Then she inserted a port and used a cannula to inject the DCA into the correct locations. The whole procedure only took about 15 minutes and really wasn’t that uncomfortable. She did warn me that the area would become swollen and slightly tender for up to a week. Other possible side effects included bruising and numbness, which usually goes away with time. When I got home, I could definitely see the swelling start, and the area under my chin was tender, but only when I pressed on it. The next morning I definitely had swelling there which wobbled when I shook my head! Again I was grateful for my mask, which hid my jiggly jelly chin from view! Today is 2 days since the treatment, and most of the swelling is gone. It’s still a bit tender when I press on it, but otherwise I don’t notice anything at all.

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