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Diamond Glow!

July 31, 2021

Dear Diary,

Today I went to the Stonebridge location for my Diamond Glow treatment. Angel checked me in and Rowena took over from there. First she had me cleanse my face to remove any make-up. Then I laid back on a very comfy table with a cozy blanket and she explained what the procedure was and how it would feel. Her description of “steam-cleaning” my face was pretty accurate, cuz that’s what it felt like. It was a deep cleaning and tightening of all my pores, and it felt really good. A couple of stubborn spots needed a different extraction technique that pinched a bit and brought tears to my eyes but wasn’t really that uncomfortable. Afterwards, my face felt fresh and tingly. A soothing mask was applied and I was left alone for about 10 minutes to relax and reflect. Rowena finished with an application of sunscreen (a non-negotiable from now on…) and an hour later, I was out the door feeling very relaxed, and almost like I’d had a massage. Both Angel and Rowena were wonderful and the clinic is beautiful and relaxing. I felt like I’d been to a spa. Next up: Botox on August 11th!

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