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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Well this was fun...

My stomach had a vertical scar on it from a C-Section. The scar had caused a puckering, looking like a second belly button. It accentuated the laxity in my skin. I had never worn a bikini in my life and resorted to granny type swimsuits. I was convinced to try a bikini when I was in Mexico. My stomach actually didn’t look that bad but of course to me it was another flashing neon sign.

As the treatment progressed it became colder and colder. I could feel the suction, like a vacuum. There was just a few mins of uncomfortableness then I could feel nothing! The technician, Michelle, walked me through the first couple mins until I was completely comfortable.

When the time was up she removed the device and told me she had to massage the area. It wasn’t painful at all. I did have a funny sensation in that area for a few days. It was hard to describe, not quite a pinch but perhaps a minicramp like feeling. It lasted about a week but didn’t interfere with anything. I did wear my tight gym pants during those days for extra support.

It may have been my imagination but I thought I saw results almost within a week.


Bella Sante description:

Bella Sante MD Cosmetic and Laser Clinic is excited to offer Coolsculpting® - a fat freezing treatment to shrink love handles, tummies, thighs and more. Over 8 million treatments worldwide have been completed.

Coolsculpting ® is an innovative, nonsurgical way to quickly lose annoying bumps and bulges of stubborn fat. This revolutionary procedure uses a precisely controlled cooling method called Cryolipolisis to target, cool and eliminate fat cells without damage to neighboring tissue. After the procedure your body goes to work and over the next 2-4 months the crystallized fat cells break down and they are naturally flushed from your body forever resulting in up to 27% fat reduction in a single treatment.

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