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SKINCARE: A whole new regime!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I had in the past used whatever was touted as being the “best”. However, I noticed a considerable difference in using the recommended products. One might say, well you had all these other treatments done. How do you know it wasn’t the treatments?

Well, I received the products just before covid hit and had been using them for 4 months before I was able to begin the treatments. They are indeed as good as they claim to be.


Bella Sante's skincare recommendations:

Here’s the question so many people ask… Is medical grade skin care really worth it?

Well the long answer is:

You will see the results after one year of using appropriate skin care, just keep following along!

The short answer: ABSOLUTELY! They have invested in clinical research to guarantee that their products work, generally have more stabilized ingredients, and can prove that they offer results.

We simply don’t use any products they don’t have a proven science behind them.

We want her skin in the best possible shape prior to beginning treatments and permanent make up procedures. (Note: retinol should be discontinued in the brow area one month prior to permanent make up.)

(Note: Some products were changed throughout her treatment plan based on her skins reactions)

CLEANSER: (am/pm)



Biophora (am/pm)


Skinmedica HA5 (am & pm)

Skinmedica TNS (am & pm)

Skinmedica Retinol .25 (pm)


Vivier SPF (am)

Skinmedica TNS Ceramid treatment cream (pm)

Want to learn more about each product? Check out Bella Sante’s website for details!

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