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A fantastic facial refresh

Updated: Jun 7



The service: BelaMD™ facial

What it is: Non-invasive medical grade skin resurfacing and exfoliation, deep cleanse and pore extraction, serum infusion, skin stimulation and muscle rejuvenation.

Treatment duration: About an hour.

Who it’s for: All skin types and ages. Leaves your face and neck refreshed and glowing, would be a great service prior to a big life event, holiday or because you need some extra pampering.

Pain: None

Downtime: None

My rating: five stars      


Dear readers,

As far as first dates go, this one was spectacular. It included a lot of hand-held devices and ended with a warm, wet towel. OH, MY.

I keep pretty current on skin care services, and ordinarily I would thoroughly research what I’m signing up for when I book a treatment, but I heard the name “BelaMD” and somehow thought it was a custom-branded Bella Sante facial. It’s so much more than that.

My technician was Chelsea, who told me this is her very favourite service to receive because of how amazing her skin feels when it’s done. I noted that her skin looks like an ivory satin sheet, ridiculously smooth, bordering on surreal. Obviously I was ready to start this service immediately.

First up: a microdermabrasion, using a small wand fitted with a diamond tip to remove all the dull, dry spots that makes my foundation look patchy. Chelsea managed to extract some little milia on my face — those are the tiny, hard white bumps that sit under the surface of your skin and are notoriously hard to remove.

AT HOME TIP: Use a spin brush once or twice a week in the shower and invest in good skin care products that encourage cell turnover like retinols and lactic acids to keep your skin looking fresh.

The aqua cleanse came next. I don’t love getting my teeth professionally cleaned — my dental hygienist says it would be easier if I saw her twice year (agree to disagree) — but I absolutely love the part where she uses the water pic to clean out all the fluoride paste. Imagine my delight when Chelsea used another small wand that pulsed hydrogen-infused water and serum into my pores. There was a bit of a tingle with this one, there’s a microcurrent to help with penetration. The solution was suctioned out as fast as it went in, leaving my skin feeling clean and cool. And tartar free.

I recognized the next device — a micro current tool that stimulates the muscles and skin on contact, causing an almost instant tightening and lift. She used it along my jawline, the area where I’ve noticed the most change in the shortest period of time, so any help to coax those lazy little muscles out of retirement are appreciated. She also used it along the contours of my cheeks. I would imagine repeated treatments would make an even bigger difference here. But overall the massage and stimulation were my favourite part of the whole date. Erm, treatment.

Last but not least was electroporation. Chelsea smoothed a layer of hyaluronic acid serum on my skin, then used a wand with a flat head that was set with small steel balls to glide over my skin like a spicy little massage therapist — this one also  had a microcurrent to help with absorption. She applied a thick moisturizing mask over my skin, left me cuddled in a blanket to let all the creamy ingredients absorb into my skin, then returned with a warm, wet hand towel to carefully remove it all.

When my BelaMD™ facial was over, my skin was immediately and noticeably brighter, fresher and more even-toned. Even the pores of my nose looked better. How many first dates have you ever had when you looked better at the end than at the start? 

This morning, my skin was still fresh and glowing. And when I finished my makeup and tried to take a photo to show you the final result, my iPhone didn’t recognize my face and I had to manually enter my password to unlock it.

The verdict: This service is a must-have for anyone who wants an instant refresh. My skin is softer. Brighter. Smoother. If you’ve got a big event like a wedding, high school reunion, divorce party or date night coming up, book this service the day before and enjoy the compliments. (Make sure you remember your phone password.)

See you all soon,


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